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Services and guarantees

Specialized in creation of concepts of ambiance, we follow a rigorous procedure through the projects which are confided to us.

The first step is getting acquainted with our clients and defining the principal ideas of the projects without omitting to mention certain details which are very important to the success of the projects. This will also allow us to propose personalized plans, respecting the demands of the clients. We carry out the duty to conceive projects, according to the clients desires, naturally, according to the determined budget.

Taking measurements and photos are the starting point, so we can offer to our clients designs that will naturally fit in their environment.

The choice of materials is a delicate and important part, because the materials have to fit together and also with the furniture chosen to fill the different rooms of your house.

The sketches proposed by our team can evolve in the course of the realization of the projects because, in particular in renovation surprises can possibly arise. Several steps of validation are planned in our process of follow-up of project. From the production of sketches to the delivery of the final products, passing by the delivery of the final plans, our conscientious team follows step by step the evolution of the work done until the final touch and make sure of your complete satisfaction.

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